Technology & Humanity in Perfect Harmony.

About AlgoAI Tech

AlgoAI Tech designs matching products in the recruitment – and dating spaces,
to enhance and develop the intricacies of human connections.

Using machine learning technology, our products incorporate highly trained matching algorithms that utilize enhanced data sets of scientific literature and field research, alongside psychoanalytical parameters to ensure personalized, high chance matches.

At AlgoAI Tech, we believe that technology has the potential to help humanity as a whole and move us all into a brighter future. This is a future powered by the most innovative machine learning available as well as wisdom garnered through the ages. Through these advancements, we can transform the way people match and connect.

As one of the most forward-thinking technology companies in the industry, AlgoAI Tech isn’t just focused on solving today’s problems, but those of the future as well. By exploring innovative new ideas and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we are at the forefront of a new dawn of human interaction.

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Meet the Team

Our team consists of the best engineers, UI/UX, and tech professionals to propel the symbiosis between human and machine.

Lior Baruch


Lior is a high-energy leader and entrepreneur, business oriented tech savvy specialized in AI, algorithms and products development

Dvir Kahana


Former CEO, Ministry of Diaspora Affairs – state of Israel. Entrepreneur and business consultant


Ori Shechter


Ori is a tech professional and machine-learning expert with a strong background in NLP and deep learning.


Nitzan Friedman


Nitzan is an experienced psychometrician and psychologist (M.A.) specializing in psychological measurement for effective matching solutions.


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